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    2018-03-28 13:04:44

    All Brand Bucket Teeth and Adapters

    Sort NameBucket Teeth and Adapters

    HRC47-52( Bucket Teeth), HRC43-48(Adapter)

    Sizecustomized & OEM part number (1U3302,1U3252,1U3352, 9W8452, 6I6602, 9W8552, 7T3402, 4T5501, 6Y0309, 9W2451, 9W2452,2713Y1217, E161-3027, E262-3046, 53103205, 53103208, 53103209, 1U1357, 6I6354 , 6I6404,8E0464, 6I6464, 1U1304,114-0464 3G8354,3G6304...)
    Main BusinessGrader Blades,Motor Grader End Bit,Cutting Edge,Bucket Edges,Bucket Teeth,Bolts and Nuts
    UniversalAvailable to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas

    Blader And Bits:PLYWOOD PALLET;

    Bolts And Nuts:PLYWOOD CASES;

    Bucket Teeth And Adapters:PLYWOOD CASES;